WV Medical Card Child Support And Disability

I am a mother that has always had custody of my son who is now 13. Three years ago I remarried and moved to a different county and my son has hated leaving his old friends at the other school, his grades suffered and finally I agreed to a new parenting plan letting him live in the other county with his dad. I became ill almost 2 years ago and missed a lot of work and eventually had to quit and found out I have lupus. I applied for disability last year before the thought of my son leaving ever came up. The judge ordered me to pay my ex-husband child support even though I have no income and am waiting on my disability case. My ex filed in June and our hearing was in September. The judge even ordered me to pay back support as well when he filed the motion even though no living arrangements changed until the end of August so he could start school there. The judge then told me if I had a WV medical card he could order me as unable to work and therefore no child support would be owed.

I cannot get a medical card without meeting my spend down amount based on my husband’s income, he has me on his insurance so I will never meet the spend down amount of $4000 in medical bills. Therefore I will not be approved. My husband works on commission and the economy has made it very tough to survive on a salesman salary and he shouldn’t have to pay my ex anyway. How can I appeal this order and not have to owe support to a man that makes over 200 thousand dollars a year from his own business where he hides his income by saying his business hasn’t been paying him and he can say he pays himself whatever he wants or none at all because he incorporated his business. He owns his home, rental property, a very large boat, a very large camper, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, sports cars, acres and acres, you get my point? We are barely surviving here. Can I appeal this order with any hopes of winning or am I out of luck and owe money to a rich and evil man?

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What Country Are You In
by: Child Support America Team Member


We need to know what country do you and your child reside in at this current time?


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