Working Two Jobs To Survive And Pay Child Support


I work 1 full time job which they currently take child support + the arrears from my check. This covers the entire court order monthly amount i am required to pay. I have to work a 2nd job part-time just to try and survive. The Texas Attorney General has send a letter to my part time employer ordering them to take out the full amount of child support as well. This has happened with every part-time job i have worked and i can't seem to get this stopped. Is this legal or what can i do? I obviously can not afford a lawyer.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi and thanks for your question. We need to ask a few questions so that we can better assist you. So you are covering the entire child support amount from the full time job correct? So child support is trying to take double that amount?

Csa staff

His Ex Is So Vindictive
by: Blow Away The Rainclouds

My boyfriend and I are stuck in this very same situation. He and his ex had a son in 2006. Their relationship fell apart very shortly after. Within days of the breakup she packed up and went back to her hometown on the other side of the state taking the baby with her. Roughly 6 months later he was arrested for not appearing in court (in her hometown) to work out child support payments.

This was a court date that he was unaware of. They told him that they sent him paperwork to his mother's mailing address, but for whatever reason he did not receive it. It has been a mess of back child support for him ever since. He has had some rough patches where he hasn't worked for months at a time and the catastrophe keeps building.

He and I began dating in 2008. I have known him my whole life and have always cared for him dearly. We are so insanely happy together but this situation is a huge damper.

His paychecks have been being garnished since we've been together. It is expected to have to pay extra due to back child support but they are taking so much that he's left with nothing to survive on. Currently he is living with a friend that just had a baby of his own and is going to move in with his new family...leaving my boyfriend pretty stranded.

He is barely able to come up with his half of the bills let alone food or anything else for that matter. do the courts expect people to live off of < $400/ month? I love him and we dream of getting married someday....but this puts a dark gloomy cloud over the idea. To make matters worse, the evil ex has never let him see his son.

She tries to play games to make him come back to her as she teases him with the idea of seeing their son and when he doesn't bite the hook she punishes him by taking the visitation off the table immediately. What are we to do?we are in Wyoming.

The courts have made b's out of these mothers
by: Anonymous

Why the heck do mothers take the children, block them from seeing their father or vice versa, when they can't support them or take care of them financially and then choke the dad for support?

My ex is always bitching about support even though they garnis 1200 dollars a month from my paycheck and I don't get to see my two children, ages 2 and
4.. I told her if she can't take care of them without constantly bitching, to bring them to me, and I won't bother her for support and will gladly take care of them.

They are doing these because the courts and laws allow them to. It's so pathetic, and I now understand why some fathers either choose to refuse to pay these b's.

She is living with her parents, not paying rent or any bills, works, and still borrowing toys for her own children. A 2 and a 4 yr old can never spend 1200 dollars every month so what the heck is she doing with the money?

Any Response??
by: Gabriel

I had the same situation, I actually went to the extreme of working 2 full time jobs for 12 months. That's nearly 18hrs a day for a year. Texas AG took the exact amount from both jobs so yes I was paying double. Is this legal? I try calling but they dont seem to respect non custodial parents even to go as far as to lie. Please let me know if you have input thank you.

child support
by: Anonymous

i have same situation i work 3 jobs $8 hourly, first job mcdonalds i work part time there they take everything out but leave me with 68$ other job i work full timei get paid weekly they starting to take out money from there and other job which is miltary i dont get much 125$ and thats reserve i came out of active duty i havent been able to see my son for now 3 1/2 years. On top of that my hours arent 40 they average from 16 to 32 hours. I basically work for free at my job. i work 18-19 hours, my wife has rent she makes 600$ almost and all i have to show after all my checks is barley 250-300 a check.i dont eat i can't buy food sometimes i walk 12 miles to work bust my back while shes out partying drinking getting high while her mom takes care of my son whom is disabled. My ex calls me dead beat dad and for what i don't now. I been go over seas for 4 years i just came back and i get this bills my wife i have now is helping me but we cant afford 3200 in bill on 900$ im at the point of negative thoughts i can't handle this anymore i talk to friends i even taken out loans i cant pay rent i don't now what to do anymore. the judge i talked to to settle this was oh your just sticker shock from price of support i couldnt even say a thing before she said case is done here is your bill. i cant afford to pay anything now i dont go out party drinking i don't hang out with family or friends all i do is work. i sleep on breaks when i can. At this point i will be homeless inn 1 week i'm past due on rent as is. I'm going to child support off later today at 5 am its 3 hour walk i cant afford bus friends i asked for ride cant take me there due to work themselves and wife lives in Washington where i was stationed in Fort Lewis so i pay her rent and mine and she helps with rest of bills while i'm down here in California. what can i do i already asked for poverty exepmtion judge said no supposably i make 100-200 more from bare limit. They added my active duty pay when i'm not active anymore. I'm lost, ill be sleeping under a bridge soon anyone have some advice for me that can help me my marriage is at risk now. if you have advice please email me.

by: Mike McGhaney

Can child Support take payments from both jobs?

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