Work In Japan Kids In USA Question About Payments

by MJ
(Chiba Prefecture, Japan)

I currently live and work in Japan as an English teacher. I only took that job due to not being able to find any work in the US. I am still a US citizen with a work visa here. I live in the cheapest housing I can find and the leanest means I can without starving myself and living on the street. I am also giving English lessons outside my job to make extra money.

My wife divorced me after about 6 months and due to not being able to break my contracts here (or being able to afford to go back to the states) she was awarded custody of our children.

I have been sending home everything I can to support the kids but am still unable to meet the figure that was established by the courts. I could barely meet them if I send everything home. I make about 250,000Y a month or about $2500 before taxes and insurance. It runs me an average of 150,000Y per month. Don't get me wrong, I have no issue with supporting my children, but I can't live any leaner than I am at the moment.

The courts used a computed figure to decide my income due to them saying that I am intentionally working a low paying job (I hold a Bachelors degree in Molecular Biosciences/Biotechnology with a minor in Asian Languages focusing on Japanese.) to get out of paying a lot for support.

The issue is, my ex is threatening to go to the courts about the unpaid amount, which she has every right to, I understand that and truly regret not being able to meet the amount. My question is: If she does this, will my Visa in Japan be in jeopardy? I know that if I get in trouble here and wind up getting deporting, I will not be able to come back and I plan to live here as long as I can and hopefully get at least one or two of my children to join me as my oldest son and daughter really enjoyed learning the language and the culture.

Again, I have no issue supporting my kids, I just can't afford the amount that the courts set and unless I can save up the money to go back during the holiday and petition for a new support hearing.

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