Will Ohio Take Our Oklahoma State Tax Refund

by Sarah Bush/ John Brawley
(Weatherford, Ok, USA ,/ from Middleport, Oh USA)

My boyrfriend ,John, of 8yrs. We have 6 kids together an we have lived in Oklahoma for a little over a year now. Originally from Ohio, he has 6other kids which he owes back child support for 2ofthem. Every week csa take out a little bit of money for back pay and a little bit for now cuz the boy is 16.

They know about our 6 kids that he supports that's why they don't take much. He was $14000 behind but he's been payin on it for over a year. Csa took our federal refund $2435. (Which should've been $7336. I claimed him single instead of Heah of Household it was my 1st time filing so I have to file an amended return to get the rest of the amount)

He claimed 3 of our children on it. Now, we're not married and he didn't claim me for 2011. A couple questions:

#1: Are my children entitled to any portion of the federal tax return or state?

#2: They took the federal already, now will Ohio CSA be allowed to take an Oklahoma state tax refund?

#3: When he claimsmy children and I next year, if we are not married, will I be entitled to a portion of the refunds? Or do we have to be married for me to receive a portion?

#4: do I have to work to be eligible for a portion? (I am a stay at home mother. My children are 6 and under. From 3months to 6yr and there are 6kids)

Please try to answer all my questions if u know the answer

Thank you so much for your time to stop and read this.

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