Will "He" ever be made to pay the child support he owes?

by Yvonne

Every time DCSE takes "him" to court there is a continuance. My daughter is now 15 years old and I am wondering if we will ever see any of the money he owes. The amount is currently over $20,000.00 that he owes. If I owed a hospital bill that kept compiling interest, I'm sure there would not be 13 years of the case being continued.

What does it take to get a dead beat parent to pay what they owe or be put in jail? I would like to think that we may get some of the money in time to help out with her college education, but the odds don't look good. I've had sole custody of my daughter since she was 3 years old. I told "him" he could see her when ever he wanted and at first he saw her every other weekend, occassionaly attending some of her games.

Then suddenly, it just stopped. He'd call and give some lame excuss. I've lost count of the number of years since he has saw her and spoke to her. He saw her in a store about 2 months ago and walked past her and did not speak to her. I was thankful that my daughter didn't notice because she was talking to someone. The biological father has made comments, even to the judge, that he has 3 other children to take care of.

My daughter is his first born biological child. The 3 children he claims, only one is biological and she is younger than my daughter (since she was conceived while I was still married to the jerk). Would filing a civil suit against him help anything? "He" has been trying to get on disability, or at least thats the story he keeps giving the court for the past year and a half.

He is capable of working, he is just to dang sorry to. Claims he has bad nerves and COPD. But he neglected to tell the court he smokes 2-3 packs of Marlboro's a day. Any advice would be appreciated. If I sound bitter, it's because I am! What does it take to get dead beat parents to help take care of the children they helped bring into existence???

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by: Anonymous

Yes that is just sickening that the non custodial parents can just not pay and nothing is done about it. If they owed the IRS or a governement intiety they would be made to pay up what they owe but when it comes to feeding, clothing and taking care of a child they are let off for any excuse they can dream up. It is not investigated and the custodial parent is working and scrapping to take care of their child something needs to be done. We worry about feeding children in other nations and we can't get these loosers and liars to go to work and stand up and take care of the child they didn't mind making this person. We need to stand up and let the attorney general know this is not ok and how can this happen what good is a court order it seems to be just a piece of paper that is not upheld. These loosers are not doing without in their lives. Then to get something done you have to hire a lawyer which who can afford that you are barely getting by. Then you can't tell your bill collectors who give you bad credit well if you can get my back child support I can pay you but I have to feed my child. What is wrong with our sytem to let this keep happening. They can go in to social security and get the income tax information to see if they are working and getting paid and if not then throw them in jail have some type of consequence for breaking the law.

Dead Beat Dads
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, he knows how to work the system and they continue to let him get away with it. I will tell you this, my husband pays child support to his son in the state of KY and it is due every week with no exceptions. In fact, when we went to court, the judges exact words were: child support is due every Friday, if you are not working you better find a way to pay it or a warrant will be issued. My husband is not a dead beat father, he pays every week and that is how it should be. Iowa does not enforce child support. If I was not working, who would support my kids because "he" sure doesnt and the state lets him get away with it. My ex is now trying to get child support lowered and or dropped, he is stating that he is going back to school. Too bad I know his game, he will get it lowered and then go back to work and get away with it since I wont be able to modify it for 3 more years and by then, my son will be 18 and it wont matter. Yep, they learn the tricks real fast. Good luck!

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