Wife Getting Child Support Info On Husband

by Tracy S.
(Elko, NV)

I have been with my husband for 5 years(married 1&1/2).I had 3 children of my own when we got together,and we have both supported them financially.(I have my own child support cases).After we were married he put us all on his medical insurance and continues to be the father in thier lives.

He is the non-custodial parent of two boys,in two different states from where we live,for whom he pays child support and provides medical insurance.The issue is that the mothers don't keep in touch,and will change their phone numbers or move.He has contacted one states child support office and was treated rudely.He is a hard working man,he is a mechanic at a gold mine in Nevada.

Thing is,he is not very apt with "paperwork",has a hard time with telephone conversations as far as customer service,and gets frustrated because he struggles with dyslexia.He is under the impression he will have to pay thousands to a lawyer to grt visitation,which we can't afford.

I've offered to help him with contacting courts and such,but he doesn't think I legally can,and I think he wants to handle it on his own(as a lot of men do,bless your hearts!)If you can suggest how I can help that would be great. Thanks for listening.


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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Tracy,

In your case no you do not have the rights to obtain visitation of his children. You can however contact your county clerk of courts and ask how much the filing fee would be for your husband to obtain visitation rights. He can file on his own without an attorney. It is important that he does this because he does have rights to see his children. Is he current on his support payments?


Florida vs Ohio
by: Jamey

How about a divorced father, who's kids now live in Florida, and he still lives in ohio. He pays his $900 a month in child support, but the mother will NOT let his children come up here to see him, and he can't afford to go there and stay in a hotel to visit them.....what should he do? She hasn't let him see them in 2 years. Their divorce papers state that they must AGREE on visitation, but she will not agree on anything, except him coming down and sitting at her house to visit them.

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