Why Do Foreigners Get Off Scott Free

by Sally Roffinoli
(Huntington, WV)

I have four children under the age of nine and was married to their father. we were together for ten years and had a wonderful family. One day immigration came and deported him back to his home country of Jamaica. Needless to say myself and my children were left behind. I placed my children with family in the state of VA were I was living at the time so, I could deal with everything. My family received medical assistance and as a result had to get a check from the state. They did not want to do this knowing that I was trying to get back on my feet.Also knowing that I'm going to school to get a better education to be able to support them on my own as a single parnet. But, the state of Virgina said that they had to so, they did. The children needed medical care. A child support order was issued to me the mother.

I could not make my total payments and my license was suspended. So, now it is hard for my to go to school or even support my youngest. Who is already back in my care. I just paid off my child support order on him and now they are trying to hit me with two more. They have been racking up this bill for two years waiting for the balance to get as high as $5,016.00 dollars. I have received no other paperwork so, how can I be responsible for $5,016.00. It sounds like a setup to me! As for my husband, they say they can't touch him. We don't have an agreement with the country of Jamaica. But, we have an agreement to bring them over here and to deport them!! Come on!! The government can do better than that. No child left behind! That's what they say but, mine were left high and dry.

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