Who Do I Contact For Help For Back Child Support?

by Robert Reynolds
(Orange Park, FL)

My x-wife has never paid a dime of child support and is $16,000 behind. I have been to the local child support enforcement office on 20 different occasions and asked for a status update. Every time I go they say that they do not have a good address on her. Each time I go I bring a copy of the latest arrest report, and court documents showing where the courts say she is and in fact where she has to be or else she would be in jail. I am very polite and patient and seem to be the only one who cares about getting some accountability in place. They never update the records even though I show them legal court records. I have been told over and over from the different case workers that I shouldn’t expect any support because my x-wife is a crack head. I had no idea that the law does not apply to crack heads.

It is a 3rd degree felony to under Florida Law to not attempt to pay for your children’s support when the amount is over $5,000.00. I have taped conversations where child support officers have told me that the post master will not confirm my x-wife’s address. Florida Department of Corrections clearly post her permanent address and county court records and it clearly show where she lives. I have recorded conversations from case workers who state I am a man so I should just take care of kids and let it go.

Can you help?

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What Did You Want To Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Robert and sorry for the delay. We need to know what it is you would like to accomplish. Did you want your ex-wife to held accountable legally for not paying child support?

Please let us know, by responding back to this post.


Dead Beat Mom
by: Anonymous

For years I have personally seen men raked across the coals for not paying support or not paying enough. I want the system to treat dead beat women the same way. Child support is an obligation to the child the system needs to hold all people male or female to the same standards.
I would like to see dead beat moms held accountable even if it is hard work.

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