Where is Hayden's Money

I took my baby daddy out for child support almost a year ago. He had not paid a cent since we split up in October of 2010. I had called my child support worker and ask why he hadnt been picked up for child support yet.

She told me that he was pick up in July of 2012 and paid a bond of 1000. I told her that was not true and if it was then where is my money for child support. She then told me that it was a mistake, that he hadnt been picked up. She told me all she had for his address was a PO Box. I told her where his address was and that I was sick of doing their job.

She took down the address and after about 2 weeks, he was busted by SBI agents for running a meth lab in the home. They took him to jail on child support and other charges. About 2 weeks later I went and picked baby daddy up from his house to take hime to court for child support, cause he didnt have a ride. I ask the lady at court how I would recieve the 1000 dollar bond money for child support.

She told me that I would recieve a card in the mail with the money on it. About a week later I recieved a letter in the mail stating that I would recieve the card within 14 days. The letter was dated september 14th. So around October 4th I became very curious to why I hadnt gotten my card yet. This time I went to the child-support office, with my frustrations. Mostly because at this time, my child and I were relying on this money to get us a place to stay.

My sister had kicked us out of her apartment, so she could move in her boyfriend and his daughter. Even though he owns his own house. But besides the point. During all this time I had went and signed up for families first to get help, so I could get a job and some sort of income. I was really struggling. I ask the family first rep, if she was sure that would get my first child support payment in full and she reassured me that I would. So I didnt worry about it.

Anyways when I went to child support office and told them I still hadnt recieved my card, they told me that you had to request one. I told her on the letter I got in the mail about the card, it specifically stated that I didn't have to request one that I would recieve one automatically. She had no idea where the letter had came from, and was just confused so she called the Nashville office. In which they stated that they tried to deposit in an account I had set up over a year ago, then the money was sent back because the account was closed.

She said she was just waiting on me to request a way on recieving it. I told them that I wanted the card. She then told me that she would send out checks of payments till I recieved my card. Yesterday about a week later, I checked my mail and found the card and a check. The check was for the amount of 30 dollars and the card has no money on it. I was promised 975.oo. Now im just wondering where did the rest of it go.

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