Where do I start with child support

by James VIP MEMBER..............

My child has had a cancer and I my current girlfriend supported us through all the drama she was put through. She even supported me when I moved back in with here to help out with my son. Now my childs mother has threaten me with childs support if I continue my relationship etc, my current girlfriend keeps telling me to put myself on childs support but my mother says I will have to ge a lawyer. I do not have the funds for all that because of my son medical bills (cancer free at age 5). My current girlfriend left and went overseas military, recently back and we are moving back in etc. My childs mother screwed me on taxes where now I owe back.

I claimed my son in 08 because he stayed with me 8 months and her 4 that is when we seperated and moved apart. So when she found out I was with someone else she clamied him 2 months after me and when it was brought to her attention she told the IRSI did it without her knowledge. When I moved my mail never was rerouted from the apartment to my new address (current girlfriends) so I missed the IRS notices. Anyway for 2010 I let her claim him because she was out of work so much and I was still working and supporting my son, but if known they were going to garnish my taxes I wouldn't have let her. So all the sneakiness I need to put myself on child support and get visititation because she will keep me from him, that is who she uses to get at me. I get him Fri after school and she picks him mon for school. I NEED SERIOUS QUICK HELP.

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VIP member help
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello James,

Lee here.

We emailed you your VIP and fast response info. Your concerns take priority over NON VIP members, so a child support specialist with answer and respond to your post within 72 hours from today.

Hang in there, and help is on the way.....


V.I.P. Question
by: CSA Staff Member

Hello James,

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you definitely need to establish some court orders. The first being a child support order. Who has legal physical custody of the child? Is there an existing child support order through CSA?

You also need a visitation order. So many NRP do not get a court order and then the ex dictates when and where they can see the child. NO! You have rights. If you cannot afford an attorney you have two options.

1. You can contact The Legal Aid Society in your city to see if you qualify. These are attorneys who will take on cases "pro bono" Free to you.

2. Contact Your county family clerk of courts and request the necessary paperwork to file court ordered visitation on your own. You do not need an attorney and you can file for only court costs. Most people are not aware that you can do this on your own. Yes you can and do not need an attorney.

We wish you well!

CSA Staff

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