Where do I begin?

I have an 18 year old daughter who lived with me (in GA) up until she was 13 when she decided to go live with her mother in TN. It was a rough situation; my son had recently died, I had just divorced my second wife and I got laid off. I fell behind on payments to her mother and now find myself very behind. I owe about $18,000 in back child support now. My tax return from last year was held and my driver's license has been suspended.

Regarding work, things have improved recently, I am able to work from home and am current on my child support with my son from my 2nd marriage. I want to begin moving forward regarding child support for my daughter, but I don't know where to begin. I don't have a caseworker. I am going with my girlfriend to child support services tomorrow. Any idea what I can expect? If I am making efforts towards paying my back child support will I be eligible to get my license back? I would like to get a part time job and have all of the earnings from that job go towards paying this off, but I can't do that without a license. My girlfriend and I live together and we are on a very tight income, but I want to make things right. Where do I even begin?

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