when the father is the mother

by james
(columbia sc)

I am the father of two kids. i had some trouble with the law i was give one year . witch my kids was with her for. she sign them over to my dad . they stay with him till i got home i went down to have every thing back in my name with my kids. this was in 06 she was ordered to pay support. i have never receive anything from her. i was receive papers on support i call them up and told them the kids been live with me all this years. so the said ok and take my new address down because we move to Columbia sc . they said if there is any support the i get they will send it to me. two mo later i get a debt card in the mail but i can't activate it but the they have me and my dad names wrong we have the same name but i am the 3rd and when they see a name they never look at the ss no to match it. i want to know if it was me that is to payy and i went years with out pay they would of had me in jail so many times it's not rite ! they say it here to help the kids but it not it only make money off people i wat to take them to court!

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