When Is Enough Enough With Child Support

My husband always paid 350.00 a month child support and kept all medical on his child. For ten years it was this way. When we got married last year, that next month, he had to send in pay-stubs for a modification. We found out later that his ex wife had ordered this. His support was raised to 550.00 a month. Now, he pays this, carries all medical, and still the ex will have the daughter ask him for summer clothes, school clothes, money for driving school, money to get her hair and nails done, and as far as putting her on his car insurance because it will raise hers too high. Yes, her mother has made her very materialistic as to where we cannot afford to cover all of the maintenance.

He will even have to leave work for doctor appointments because the ex can't make it, although she works nights. We know it is so she won't be asked to pay a copay. How far can she go with this? She herself is remarried with another child, she does work, although we are sure her employer pays her mostly under the table, because his papers only showed her making 3000.00 for the year. He was under the assumption that this was child supports doings, so he did not contest to it. Now we know different. He is not, and never has been a dead beat dad, but is he obligated to pay all the extras?

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi and thanks for your question. NO your husband is not required to pay the extras. Only if it is court ordered. Really he should stick to only paying his support and the medical. Especially since it seems "the extras" are being taken advantage of.


Been There
by: Kacey Wood

Hi well first of all your husband sounds like a wonderful father.And my husband has been through this situation exactly. Maybe this advice will help him in the longrun. Unfortunately all the extras usually do not count in court in the judges eyes. I understand he wants to make sure his child is not without however as hard as it may be for him he has to stop providing extras. If the mother cannot provide the extras for the child than she may not be fit enough to care for their child. He is only obligated to fufill his child support nothing else, he just takes a chance of not getting it credited or recognized. If he has money to do that great, otherwise he should only fufill his obligation and hope the mother will do the same for the child on her end. The child support money should be used on that child for clothes, school, and all misc pertaining to that child. If the child is not recieving any of these things then let it fall on the mother that recieves the child support to answer to the judge and where it is going, not on your husbands shoulders.

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