What To Do About This Child Support In Dallas Texas

by john d
(dallas, tx)

Well I have five open child's support cases, but two are for arrears totaling over $75,000. on one the arrears cases my daughter is 19 and soon to be a mother herself. and the other case i have had custody of the kids since our divorce in 04 but had custody prior to since 1998. one child just graduated and the other next year. i find it very upsetting that she ask me about a support check and she haven't done anything for them since their birth. when we were married she didn't work but the state of Texas says i owe her..wow. little do they know and when i try to explain this they shun me. is there any way of getting back support removed.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello John,

The only way to get back support removed is by your ex agreeing to it. The problem is this, if you did not obtain LEGAL custody then you would have still owed the support. This is so important for individuals to legal obtain custody when they have the children in their care full time. Would your ex be willing to help you out and waive the back support for the time you had the children?


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