What To Do About Child Support

by adel
(kansas city, mo)

The ncp lives in las vegas nevada ( my daughter and i live in kansas city, mo) and has had his drivers license suspended on more than one occasion due to non payement of child support. he is currently $4,817.96 in arrears-hasnt paid child support since mid december 2009 and has requested to have his support payments reduced??? the court ordered payments are only about $370 monthly which doesn't even cover her before and after care.

He does not even attempt to send $10- $20.i work full time i don't receive any cash, food, nor medical assistance from the state. i dont feel like my daughter is getting the help she needs from the state of Nevada nor Missouri in having this support case enforced

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Adel,

Thanks for sharing. It does get frustrating when it seems that the payments are not enough. How long has it been since you requested a modification of your case?


I am in the same boat
by: Anonymous

I am in the same situation. It has been a year that I have not been receiving support and a year that Ive notified my Child support case worker but I feel too that nothing is being done about my case. The NCP lives in NC and I live in Georgia. I have provided info to my case worker on where the NCP lives and what kind of car he drives but nothing...

by: Anonymous

Thanks, I became eligible this year to file for a modification, however before i was able to do so he had contacted Nevada to request a reduction in his paymenet(baffled) since he hasnt been paying anything, and that they would consider it. I never received any information as to whether or not they granted his request. It seemed to be futile for me to make a modification request- although im currently not receiving any payments i dont need them to be reduced.
The system in missouri doesnt seem to be of that much help- they never seem to know whats going on.

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