What should I do and am I entitled to compensation

by Christopher Dent
(Memphis, TN, USA)

My ex-wife and I had a child and divorced in 2003. I paid support while I was in the military, and then fell behind for a period before I moved up north. In 2007 I began receiving statements from the state showing 0.00 owed and 0.00 arrears.

Jan. 2008 I received an Issuance of Income Assignment so I started paying support again. To date I have not missed a single payment. In June of this year I confirmed with the Chancellery Court that my son was adopted in 2007, however I have continued to pay support and according to the courts will continue to pay until 2021. Approximately 3 weeks ago I received a letter stating I was scheduled for a case review however I live 1000+ miles away and can’t just drive down to their office so I called.

I explained that I live in Delaware and the lady I spoke with said “Oh, well then just disregard the letter”. I found this a little odd because in the letter they were requesting vital documents such as proof of payments, tax records and proof of other dependants living in the home (of which I have 3). Today I received more paperwork stating I will now be responsible for adding him (my son that was adopted 3 years ago) to my health coverage. I need help to terminate the support order and to stop future letters from the state.

I have been getting the run-around from both Child Support Services and the Chancellery Court so now I feel like my only option is to submit the petition for termination, set a court date and fly down to appear. Before I received this last letter I was content with just the termination of the order but now I believe I would like to get back what I have paid the last three years.

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Dent is a piece of crap
by: Anonymous

Dont believe Dent's story. He talked all this crap about being in the military and blames his exwife for everything. what Dent really is is a low-life piece of trash who drinks practically every night, steals from everyone he meets and is not worth even talking about.

Whoever adopted his son did his son a big favor because Dent is not father material.

can he get some compensation?
by: Anonymous

I mean look at this low life asking if he can get his money back. No concern for his child. No anger that his child was adopted without his knowledge. All he cares about is getting his money back. What a turd. What a complete loser, huh?

Where is his talk about missing his son? Where is his talk about wanting to be his daddy? There isnt any. Not one word because Dent is a loser. Lets just hope that his son doesn't turn out to be like him. But then again, he doesn't have a son anymore because the boy now has a real daddy.

Thank you
by: Christopher Dent

Thank you for your opinion, however being as you are not in the situation I am in I find it hard to believe you could possibly understand what has truly happened here- nor do I feel the need to explain myself for what I have or haven't done as a father. This is a forum to ask questions about support- if you have no useful information regarding this matter please refrain from commenting. Your need to show the world just how ignorant you are is apparent by your rant... whoever you are.

nobody has to be
by: Anonymous

nobody has to be in your situation to know the facts. All they have to do is know YOU.

by: Christopher Dent

And obviously you do not know me. Please find a better way to spend your time than speaking of things you know nothing about.

a lot of people know
by: Anonymous

and a lot of people know YOU because you show your true colors so easily.

still not hearing it
by: Anonymous

wow, still no expression of outrage about losing custody of his son.

by: Anonymous

and he's still a turd

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