What can I expect from my situation

I am 20 years old I have a son (5 months old), born in FL. Me and his father are not married, He lives in FL. He is on the birth certificate & signed the paternity paper in the hospital. He has a drug problem and was very abusive to me while i was pregnant and after i had the baby, so I moved to Georgia to live with a family member. Hes on FL probation and is a convicted felon, and threatens me all the time about kidnapping the baby. I don't take it seriously, because he has no clue where i live. His dad is paying me $200.00 a month willingly, but says they will stop paying if i don't let him see the baby. How should I go about this situation, and what is the most likely outcome?

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by: Anonymous

I know that money may come in handy to you. If they want to see your son let them to take you to court then. Keep record of all the things he does and how he threatens you. You may not take it seriously now, but you need to keep record of all this for yours and your babies safety.

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