What Age Do Men Stop Paying Child Support In Florida

by Jackline Hamilton
(Belleview Fl. Marion)

Me and my husband been married for 3 years now and he have a x wife that keep calling wanting money but his kids are grown with kids and because he want give her the money she runs up there and see can she reopen her case all he owns is back support what age here in fl do they stop playing back support? The kids are not in school or doing nothing with there life just sitting around and comes out here to get money from me and him. We have 3 kids together that are still in grade school. How by me been his wife can I get information on his case?

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Dear Jackline,

Back Support has no age limit. There are some women who still receive back support for children who are in their 30's and 40's. She cannot open a new case on children who are adults. Was there ever an order for back support to be paid by your husband?


What age do men stop paying child support in florida.
by: Jackline Hamilton

Yes and arrears. Do it have a age limit on when they stop playing arrears and by me being his wife can i get information on his child support case. How can I get her to stop calling and coming by my house i don't go to her's is there papers i can file against her?

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