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I lost my job of 24 yrs recently, and i hope to receive unemployment to help pay my child support obligations.I have contacted the local agency and requested a modification to temporarily lower the amount.I pay about 1200 a month for two children and all medical expenses.My ex gets paid under the table for at least 70% of her income, I don't want my children to go without, but I do not believe it to be fair to continue paying the original amount, plus medical.

My insurance benefits are to run out soon....so what are the chances of this modification being successful with out contacting a lawyer and revealing my ex wife's real income...not really a path i would like to peruse!!

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Child Support Questions

Hello Ed,

As we always state. Court is a 50-50 chance. It all depends on the judge. You may need to bring her income to the table. Especially if you need the amount lowered. Fair is fair.


Response to CSA
by: Anonymous

How could you state to Ed fair is fair when he's describing a form of hardship? Why are the laws double standard and not regulated and do what is best for all children rather than just seeking the mothers side? This is BIAS!

Ed- you may want to seek help from from father advocate that can step in when you feel your human rights are being violted by no one taking into consideration you claim and hardship.

Wish you the best-

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