Two American boys abandoned by Bahamian father

by T.W.

I live in Virginia with my two sons ages 8 & 7. Their father is a Bahamian in which we were in a relationship for 10 years. In 2005, he left to go back to the Bahamas and he never returned. However, he kept in touch, sent money to help out monthly and sent money for us to visit him in the Bahamas up until 2008. December of 2009 was the last time he sent any support and he has only called twice to talk to the boys and it is now December of 2010. Although I have moved on with my life, times are hard and it is now Christmas time and I am struggling even more to provide the life that my children should have. It seems unfair that I am left trying to make a way to not have to see their discouraged faces as he walk away free. Is there anyway that I can file a child support suit against him?

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