Trying To Take Child Support Arrears From Workers Comp:

by Rosa

My husband has an arrears that he owes to the State of Connecticut for past child support in the amount of $17k. He finished paying his current support when the children reached the majority of age. He is still paying the amount the court ordered him to pay on the arrears. The issue is that now he was terminated from his employer due to a worker compensation claim.

He will start getting partial benefits from the worker's comp. administration, but he was informed that Child Support Enforcement will keep 70% of his weekly partial payments, so after the attorney's 20% - he will be left with 10% of the weekly benefits causing him extreme hardship.

Is this correct? we are aware that any settlements that he is entitled to now or near future a huge percentage can be garnished by SED, but we are talking about weekly benefits that he needs to survive on. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. We are barely making it on my salary, and this will really cause a family hardship and likely a foreclosure on our home.

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Rosa,

70% seems like a bit much. I would check to see if he could get that percentage modified. If not, you guys may need to consult with a child support attorney because your situation does not appear to be fair.

We have an affordable legal program that may be able to help your husband. View our legal help page for more information. Be sure to read both pages. This legal program has helped thousands of people including myself with their child support issues. Call us anytime if you have any questions concerning our legal program.

Best regards,
CSA Team

Dead beat
by: Anonymous

Maybe your husband should have thought about that before he got behind $17,000!

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