Trying to get by while paying child support

by Shawn
(Canal Fulton, Ohio)

My ex and I divorced 7 years ago. At the time she was granted full custody of my 3 children.

I was ordered to pay $300 a month in support.
In 2008 my son (now 12) came to live with me. My ex told me "just take him".

I have full custody of him now and she retains custody of my 2 girls (now 14 & 16).
My son has been in therapy ever since he came to live with me and has been on ADHD medication since then as well.

My son has made several allegations of abuse against my ex and her husband and these stories have been backed up by my former step daughter (now 18)who has also moved in with her father who now has full custody.

Last Christmas my ex filed for a modification of support. They have now said that I will have to pay $600 a month and that I am $1700 in arrears because of it.

In may of this year my oldest daughter "ran away" to her step sisters house so that she could move in with me. She made a report to the police about her step father placing magazines against her face and punching her through them and told the police that she was scared to have to return.

They forced her to go back and my ex, being a very manipulative woman, talked my daughter into staying and has since removed her from school and is home schooling her.

I now cannot afford my son's medication which is $120 a month. I took this through the courts and they are saying I failed to provide enough evidence to support my case even though I filled out a financial form stating my income and bills which include my $3000 insurance deductible, my son's medication and therapy bills.

My financial statement shows that between my new wife and my income we have a whole $400 left over at the end of the year.

I have one more appeal and I am told that judges do not like to over rule magistrates decisions and that it is more than likely that my case will be dismissed.

What can I do about the support?
Can I get custody of my girls without going into even more debt that I cannot afford?

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