Trying To Forgive Back Child Support

I am trying to forgive my ex-husband's back child support, as he has a new wife and child and I am remarried myself. We are pretty good friends and unfortunately, he has fallen on hard times with the current economy. That all being said, I need to know if there is another way to forgive the arrears than going through the Texas Attorney General. The reason I ask is that I can not get my case worker to return my phone call. I leave him 3 messages a day, but he never calls back, and no one else in the office can help me. They keep telling me I have to work directly with my case worker. Well, the office is 2.5 hours from where I live, and in order to get my case transferred to a closer office, I have to go to court (or this is what they tell me). Soo...can I forgive the arrears a different way? And how can I get them to transfer my case to the city/county in which I live?

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Get Court System involved
by: Anonymous

Contact where you live first, if this doesn't work, contact the court where your child support case is located. Good luck.

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