Trouble Collecting Back Child Support Arrears

by Peggy
(St. Louis)

I am trying to collect arrears that are owed in the amount of a little over $10,000.00. I recently started to receive the current amount owed each month but CSE is only collecting 16.99 a month on the arrears. The non-custodial parent is making enough money to pay a lot more on arrears and just sold a house in which there was NOT a judgment filed on my behalf. I am getting ready to contact my elected officials since I have had no luck with contacting DFS. DFS's response is that it is the judgment of the case worker to determine how much of the arrears is to be paid per month. That doesn't sound right to me. Since my daughter is turning 18 soon I feel that the clock is running out and I know I will have no luck at all collecting.

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What you can do about your arrears
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Peggy,

Thanks for contacting us. When your daughter turns 18, the non-custodial parent is still responsible for the back child support or arrears. The problem will be trying to collect it.

You can attempt to contact your elected officials, but don't expect much assistance there. Most people don't realize that child support is a legal issue, and needs to be handled as such when there are problems.

It sounds to us that you are now at the legal stage, especially since DFS is not helping you. Even though your daughter will be 18 soon we recommend that you look into our new VIP membership program. With a membership we will provide the extra that you need to potentially solve your problem. Your problem will be likely to continue well after she turns 18, so we strongly encourage that you look into it. Click on the VIP memberships button on the left for details.



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