The Wife Of Unknown Dad

by Jeannnie
(Princeton WV)

My husband was just served with papers regarding child support. The child was born in 2008, Does he have to pay for a paternity test to prove if the child is his? The mother recently quit her job and applied for public assistance in WV. My husband is not working and only has insurance because I include him on my insurance. I have never been involved in a situation like this and I just do not know what the next steps are? I work, but we are barely surviving.

We have a fairly new vehicle and a piece of property that both our names are on, but I pay the payments. He just had better credit than I did at the time. I am so confused. I was not aware of this child when I married him and that is another issue. The mother has caused us a lot of drama and he is not sure what he wants to do about visitation. I am willing to fight for joint custody or sole custody. If we can provide insurance and support, why should she receive the states help?

If I help him with support why should our income tax be taken at the end of the year? My insurance will only allow me to add her to the plan if she is my dependent. In other words, I just do not know what the next move should be. I was divorced and have a 16 year old son that I have to take care of on my own also. My head is spinning. I am just worried that I am going to lose everything I am working for. This is all a mess.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Jeannnie,

Your husband may not have to pay for the paternity test. If the baby's mom opens a child support case and your husband responds that he is not sure the child is his they will order the paternity test. You may not have to worry about all of the other things if the child turns out not to be his. Your first step should be to find out for sure whether or not the child is his. Is there doubt in your husband's mind?


by: Anonymous

Yes He is unsure, but I have seen pictures and she looks just like him. We do not even know how to go about answering the papers or what happens next.

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