The Ex Wife Has Lied About Her Income

by Buster
(Kettering, Ohio)

When my child support was set last year, It was based on my ex "working be a better mother", It was based on what she provided the court. My ex-wife has lied about her income to make my child support higher. She went so far as to start a retirement account, so her income would appear to be alot smaller than what it is. She is reporting $70,000. When just at one of her current jobs she is well over $78,000. That is not including her 2nd job or her 3rd. Instead of supplying the court with an income tax returns, as we requested.. to show her true income, she showed them documents with much smaller amounts. I have no problem with paying child support, but have a big problem with being robbed. The oldest daughter does not visit and is not encouraged to have anything to do with me. I have only seen the other daughter very off and on since our joint custody changed to mother's full custody last year. The ex-wife refuses to abide by the court ordered visitation and seriously, I am done with her crap. I just want to have her brought before the court to explain how she is not only working more..per the child support enforcement agency, but why she lied about her income. She reported making only $60,000 to the csea for 2008, but I have copies of her w2's for that year and her income was $93,000!!!! I really need some help. Thanks.

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hello Buster,

You really should consider filing for a modification of your child support. You really should seek out legal representation in this situation as well. It is important to "prove" that she lied about her income. If you have copies of her W's that will make a great case for you. Also an attorney can also argue the retirement fund as well. The judge needs to be aware of this documentation. If you try and file through CSE information can get lost and tons will slip through the craps. Hire an attorney for this one.


same situation
by: Anonymous

My husband's ex wife open a c/s case based upon change in circumstances,involuntary termination forced her to accepted a low salary job. at 1st she not met the threshold. when my husband responded magically she met the threshold.

She made in her former job 41000 now 25000 after requested the current job documentation we find out she make 30000, then requested the former job doc. was true she was I. terminated due to LACK OF PERFORMANCE AND SUBORDINATION! mean lazy after several month the employer retraing her until they give up according with the documentation.

Her lawyer in her behalf obstructed the case with a lot of crap motions,just to find out after 11 month and 7000 USD in legal and attorneys fees she lied, and she is voluntary underemployed she refused to accept it in the same intitution similar job with the same salary of 41000.

She was asking 1100 USD for child support. current is 734.00USD plus dental/health insurance of 700 USD. now before trial she fired her attorney and seeking a settle the case c/s went down to 500.00 and she refused to accepted. go to trial will cost another 2500 USD. It ease to prove in court with facts she lied.

But who will pay for all legal& attorney's fees? who will prevent her in near future (this happened after 9month of set the c/s) she will do it again. family law need changes, and request it evaluate psychological the petitioner/respond in order to save everybody's $$$$$ she is a vexation litigan.

Verification of va dib
by: Anonymous

Where do you write to to have va disability payments verified

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