Texas Doesnt Really Do Anything To Help With Child Support

I was always told that Texas didn't play when it comes to child support; however, because my ex decided to take a contracted job in an overseas location WITH A UNITED STATES COMPANY, I cannot receive my tri-annual increases or have his pay recalculated and increased. He is making over 85K per year, tax-free, and is paying me $700 a month. Although this is way off the mark according to the infamous child-support calculator, Texas refuses to do anything about it claiming that because he's overseas, they can't personally serve him. My lawyer was able to serve him divorce papers successfully overseas. I lived overseas for over 12 years and never had a problem getting any mail. Why can't they just send him court ordered paperwork at the address that they have on file for him, which is correct, and/or through his employer, with a court date? If he makes it, he makes it (he certainly has enough money to purchase plane tickets) and if he doesn't he pays the court ordered increase through garnishment of his pay. I'm in the military and have served faithfully for over 16 years now. We don't make a lot of money in the military, contrary to popular belief. With me constantly deploying, it is quite difficult to keep up with 6 months of daycare on top of paying someone to care for my children because their father isn't involved not to mention all the other expenses such as medical/dental not covered by Tricare. He should at least be forced to help take care of them financially; however, because he was able to escape to an overseas location, he isn't held accountable. According to him, he's never coming back to the states so I guess I'll never be able to get an increase in child support. I'm not sure if this law is just a Texas thing but either way, it is ridiculous!

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