Termination of rights and arrears

I am terminating my rights to my son and his stepfather is adopting him. I understand that I will no longer be financially responsible for my son. I would like to know if the arrears could be forgiven? The arrears is due to unemployment and I was not eligible for unemployment benefits.

A few years back, my ex wife forgave some arrears. These arrears were not accumulated because I wasn't paying, they were added up because we were in court to modify and my monthly child support was raised almost triple to what I was paying. Prior to the trial date, I had cleared up all owed monies to her. Then at the final ruling, the child support got retro'd back over a year. It totaled out to be alot.

As a condition to for me to terminate my rights, I have asked my ex to make a request to the courts that all arrearage be waived. Is this still possible? I know she cant with the child support agency where she originally excused the arrearage the first time, but I wondered if the judge could waive the arrearage?

Thank you...

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