Termination Of Child Support

My ex-husband relinquished his rights to my two children and my current husband adopted them last November. In the court papers there is no order to void or cancel the previous child support order and I have still been receiving support.

He is also behind over $2,000 and I was wondering how that works when the judge does not say anything about it in the court documents about child support? The attorney general has asked me to send them a copy of my court papers so they can send them over to their legal department, but I am not sure why they need them. I feel that those papers are mine and none of their business this is a closed red taped case. Help???

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Termination "VIP MEMBER"...........
by: Child Support America Team Member


Lee here.

Your questions have been forwarded to a child support specialist. You will receive a response back with 72 hours via this thread.

Take care, and you response is on the way....



Hello there and thank you for your questions.

I have a few questions of my own so that we may better assist you. Why is the attorney general contacting YOU regarding this issue? Is your ex trying to get the child support payments to stop? I am not understanding what you are asking.

If that is the case, then it should be up to your EX to provide them with the necessary information. You are correct in that you do not have to provide them with any information.

Also if your new husband adopted the children then why is your ex still paying support. Is their a court order stating that he still must provide for them financially?


by: Anonymous

The deal is my ex is a homosexual and he is living with his boyfriend/husband who is a registered sex offender. After three years of no contact with our two children we received a letter in the mail stating we either pay to have his rights relinquished and the child support order dropped or he wanted visitation rights to the kids. Well of course this being a very negative situation for my kids we hired an attorney at our expense and paid for the relinquishment and adoption.

Everything was final last November, however the judge didn't say anything about the child support order. My husband and I had been mailing him a refund check until January when I called the attorney general to have them stop taking support out of his checks. At this time I was informed I could continue receiving the support because he had arearages. I decided not to have them close my case and I started keeping the checks. So, I've kept four checks so far. Yesterday when I should've received a check I didn't so I called the attorney general to see what the status of my case was.

I was asked several questions about my case and also asked to fax them a copy of the court order at that time. Then the lady called me back today and asked me to fax those papers, asked me who my attorney was, and what county this was filed in. I explained to her that this case was sealed and I did not feel comfortable sending her my court papers. I told her that should be my ex's responsibility and she said well we try to work with the mothers. She said they cannot access the files because they are sealed and just practically begged me to fax them over.

She said they need to get this case closed. I explained that there was no order to terminate his child support in the court order and she said that if he relinquished his rights then the child support order will terminate too. I'm just nervous I won't get the arrears owed to me and it's over $2000. I'm not sure what to do and I'm scared if I don't send them the paper work then they may eventually make me pay him back what they've sent to me already.

Child Support
by: Anonymous

You would not have to fax them over. As you said you do not feel comfortable. As far as the child support you must take it to the child support to show them that your new husband adopted your children. Your new husband is now financially responsible to take care of them from the time the adoption was complete it terminates on going child support. As far as the arrears that are owed to your kids. He has to pay that off unless you forgive them. Which in this case you said you want that money.

V.I.P. Question
by: CSA Staff

Thank you for answering our questions. You Should NOT fax over the paperwork. That is not your responsibility. It's the job of the Child Support office and or the courts or your ex not yours. The case Does need to remain open until your arrears are paid. You should contact the child support office and make sure the payments you are receiving are in fact going towards the arrears you are owed. You do not want to find yourself in an overpayment situation where they are going to say you owe him money back.

When you do speak to the CS office, be sure to get names of people u speak with and if possible documented written proof that you are receiving the back support. This is to protect yourself.

We wish you well,
CSA Staff

Need Help
by: Anonymous

Me husband is going to adopt my son. My ex has never
had any contact with him(ever) and will sign his rights away. My question is He owes me like 30k in back child support. I have never gotten a penny from him...Once my husband adopts my son will he owe me any back child support? That being said I dont want any money from him and Im willing to forget all back money owed. What is the process?

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