Termination of child support and Rights

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If a parent has given consent to a step parent adoption can the non-custodial parent take that form to the child support enforcement division to have child support dropped. This is for the state of New Mexico. Also can non-custodial parent take custodial parent to court to finish adoption. The non-custodial parent took the paper signed for consent for the adoption and the case has not been started they said they couldnt find it in there system.

The custodial parent wants the non-custodial parent to pay money to their lawyer for the adoption and is still paying child support. so my other question is can the non-custodial parent take the custodial parent to court to finish the adoption. Also non-custodial parent has not seen child in over 7 months. Custodial parent is always threatening saying they will put non-custodial in prison for abandonment, but non-custodial has had to file for visitations twice already. Please any information will help.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello VIP member,

Lee here.

This appears to be a complicated situation, so I am forwarding these questions to one of our top specialists. As a VIP member we will respond back with 72 hours from today.

Take care, and our response is on the way.


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by: CSA Staff

Hi VIP Member,

A non-custodial parent cannot stop a child support order to our knowledge. We have never seen this, and we don't think it's possible.

And yes the NCP can take the CP to court to finish the adoption. However, The lawyer fees should be paid by the party that submitted the case. And child support may not be stopped until the adoption process is complete.

Lastly, the NCP cannot go to prison for abandonment. Visitation rights can be terminated, but not with jail time. The NCP will need to establish valid court ordered visitation to receive legal rights to the child.


Thank you
by: Anonymous

The information you provided has been helpful thank you.

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