Tennessee Child Support Withheld

by Becca

My son's father lives in Tennessee. He currently owes me almost $2000 in arrears. He told me that they withheld from his tax return, and that I should see this check by the end of this month. I know that my other son's father lives in TX, and when IRS holds his refund, I have to wait six months for it to be released (I live in CA). I'm not sure if he is trying to snow job me here, it wouldn't be a first. Does anyone happen to know what TN's policy is on payments that were held from tax returns?

Thanks for your help!

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Not enough in arrears
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Becca,

We believe that a NCP needs to be at least $2,500 in the arrears before the IRS will withhold their tax return.

Was your other ex in the arrears at least $2,500 when you received his tax return.


by: Becca

First off, thank you for responding.
I actually finally received something "official" today in regards to this issue. He's still behind, but they did take a little over $1300 out of his tax return. I was sent a notice from California's child support office stating that I won't see it for 6 months, because his wife has the right to contest it, since it was a joint return. I have to say, I wish the courts were half as worried about the rights of the kids. I mean, hello, would we have needed to go after his tax return if he was actually paying his support?
As for your question, no, my understanding is that California will pursue the return for any amount over $500, as long as it's been in arrears over six months.
So.. I'll be real happy in September... which does me so little good in April.. ya know?
Thanks for the response anyway though:)

TN law on back child support
by: Anonymous

I live in TN & the law is anything owed over 500.00 will conclude income tax return also I was recently informed that the state charges 12% interest on back child support arrearge, that's something to look into

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