Supporting my daughter

by Aris
(New York)

I lived with my ex and my 1 year old daughter. I always supported them and she never worked. Our relationship wasn't working out and i decided to end it for several reasons. I moved out and continued to bring her money for my daughter and to spend time with her. Things changed all of a sudden because she wants to get back together and she would call and text me asking to go back all the time. I told her i didn't want to be with her to please understand but that i would never turn my back at my baby girl that i wanted to visit her and spend time with her and support her at all times. Now she don't let me see my baby and is killing me.

I brought her money orders of support and she breaks them stating she wants it cash no money order cash or else to keep it. So i give her cash and she wont give me a receipt but i pay no mind cause i just want to support my baby girl. Now she hides from me, dont let me see my daughter or give her money. She hangs up the phone and curses at me saying all kinds of things. She xsaid if i dont go back with her then i cant see the baby and to keep the money. I want to have visitation and sleeping over rights, i want to pay child support and i want be in my daughters life and grow with her. What can i do as a father, i am the father and i am on the birth certificate and she has my last name, my ex says she is going to try to remove my name and change her last name??? Can she do that, is that illegal??? I want to go to court and order but since i am a undocumented and have no green card i am afraid it will cause me any trouble? Is that true, does it matter? I work and want her to take the money orders not cash and to see my daughter.

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