Stopping Child Support For 21 Year Old Son

by Jerry Stevens
(piney Flats TN)

the child support order was entered in cabarras county nc court system . My son came to live with me full time when he was 16 but despite of attempts to change this I am still paying child support on him and he will be 22 in July. The amount I pay for my daughter has been increased as requested by my ex-wife and her attorney.She remarried soon after our divorce to a very wealthy man so she does not work,however I carry the brunt of the support.

Two years ago she changed my daughter's last name to the same as her stepfather's,she will not report the fact that our son is 21 has been with me since he was 16 to the court so all along I have paid 100.00 a week support.They have lived in Texas for 5 years and now as of today I was informed that they are moving to Singapore.

I have not been allowed to see my daughter since 2001 and now this is more than I can deal with.I currently pay 325.00 a week and it leaves little for lawyers or even vacations.I am attempting to continue to help my son finish trade school and get a foothold in the world. I do not know what to do or where to turn.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Dear Jerry,
Thanks for sharing your situation. It sounds like you should talk to an attorney. In the situation with your son. When he came to live with you at 16 and you were never given "Legal" custody, then you will still continue to owe the child support for that time.

As for your daughter. If her name was legally changed,did the stepfather legally adopt her as well? Also what type of visitation agreement do you have? Can they move to Singapore without your permission.


In reguard to comment
by: Jerry

When my son turned 18 I hired a lawyer to stop child support as he was of legal age, not to mention he lived with me. My ex-wife's lawyer(same one who represented her in the divorce) is now over child support for Cabarras County, she said if I was to drop my son's child support she(the lawyer) would have the support on my daughter increased to 2000 a month to include ettiquite lessons cheerleading lessons, scuba diving lessons and junior cotillian. My lawyer suggested that I drop my case as her lawyer deems what is in the "best interest of the child". I do not have the money to fight her as her, husband is VERY wealthy and hires anyone she wants.As for my daughter they are no fools he did not legally adopt her just legally changed her name. I had no idea they were moving until 2 days before they left. Thank You for your response

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