Stopping Child Support Arrears

by jeff triggs
(cinti ohio us)

I have custody of my son for the last year & half. The mother of my child has chemical dependency issues. She has lost custody of her other child also. I wanted to know what i can do to stopped because it is very hard for me to earn a living for myself& my son. The money that they are taking out of my check is being used to support a drug abuser. I cant file my taxes because they are going to be offset & giving to the mother of my child who didn't offer to show up for the custody hearing but she shows up to child support hearings. While she had custody he was primarily with me or other family members.

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child support
by: Anonymous

If you have proof that you have full custody of your son. Then they should be able to drop the child support.

Child Support
by: Anonymous

They might drop the current support order but they will not drop arrears that he accumulated whilst he did not have full custody of the child. He has to pay his debt in full. Once it is paid he can modify the support order based on a change in custody.

by: Anonymous

How long was the child living with the mother? They should be able to modify the current child support order in place for the year and a half to start collecting from the mother if thats going to be done. He can file for a child support modification.

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