Still paying child support

by Jay Fuhriman
(Twin Falls, Idaho)

I have never been in my daughter's life much, due to the fact that I was a drug addict and her mom would always have an excuse for me not speading any time with her.

A few months ago she asked me and my wife if we would be willing to take her for a few weeks which I quickly said yes to. Well that few weeks has turned intoa few months and we have filed for custody of her.

I have called child support services to have them stop taking money out of my checks since the child is living with me now and they said that they can't do anything until they have a judges order telling them to.

My daughter is a special needs child and my wife has had to quit her job to take her. I make decent money so there is no danger of us being kicked ut of our home but why should I send money to the mom when she doesn't have the child. She is just getting free money from me. How do I go about stopping the child support?

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