Still Paying Child Support For 30 Year Old Daughter

by luther clough
(firestone colorado u.s.)

My ex wife and I have been divorced now since our daughter was 2 years old, she had soul custody until my daughter turned 18 years old. When my daughter turned 18 years old she moved in with me. She later moved out and got married. She is now 30 years with two children and is currently in the process of a divorce. My daughter has lived with me and my family off and on for years including her two children. I was paying child support for years and decided to contact the county in which I was making payments to and explained how my daughter was older now and if we could discontinue child support payments. The county dismissed them. Unfortunately when my daughter lived with my ex-wife in another statement her mother filed in that state and they still want me to make payments to them. What are my rights?

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2 states with same case
by: Anonymous

There is a Uniform Interstate Child Support Act that states that 2 states cannot have a child support order on the same child at the same time. I would do some research on that. I would also contact the child support office that held your original order and have them send a copy to the state that your ex filed in after. I would then call the new state child support office to see if they got the paperwork. Then I would request to see the judge. But really do some research on the UICSA. Good luck!

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