Still Not Receiving My Child Support

Almost a year ago I contacted the child support office gave them my ex-husbands name address and the name of the company he is working for. Still after all this time I have not heard back from them or received support. He however is making a very good living and has recently purchased a home for himself along with a dirt bike and other such nice things. What do I need to do to receive child support for our daughter? I thought a ss# surch would have been enough to verify the information and to have gotten the ball rolling.

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hi and Thank you for your question. Sometimes it takes longer for the system to catch up with certain people. A suggestion would be to continue calling a few times a week. Ask questions why your ex's wages are not getting garnished. This may work to get the ball rolling as well. Is there a child support case opened?


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