Steps To take Before Child Is Born

My son's ex-girlfriend is apparently pregnant. She has told him that he is father. Just before her announcement the relationship was on shaky grounds and he recently discovered that there could potentially be other candidates. She showed up on our doorstep drunk late one night looking for my son. I couldn't turn her away but was overwhelmed with concern. He and I tried to meet with her and her family. Our first inclination was to discuss adoption. But if she was going to keep the baby, then he wants to pursue parental rights and responsibilities.

The meeting went completely wrong. Just six months ago this young lady tried to end her life. We brought up the question of her instability. Her parents are of money and threw out all sorts of threats to discredit my son and limit any access to the child. We backed off and all contact has ceased with the exception of a vile facebook message in which the young lady told my son he would never see his child - we retained a copy. Do we continue to bide our time and wait for the child to be born? Is there anything we should have in place by that time? I know this sounds like a script for a daytime soap but we really need some advice.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question. You could seek legal advice. Even a free consultation. Our advice would be to wait until the child is born and open a child support case. Tell child support that there could be multiple fathers and they will order paternity testing. It really is a waiting game. Have you tried talking to an attorney?


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