Steps For Father To Open Child Support Case

by Jennifer Love
(Memphis TN)

My fiance wants to place himself on child support so that he can get joint custody of his two children. He is currently paying their mom $500 per month but she still has been refusing to let hin see the kids since she has found out we are getting married. He said he filed a petition for custody but was unable to request child support for himself because its something the mother has to do. Im not sure if this is completely true and I wanted to know what is the procedure for this in Memphis TN.

Is it true that a father cant place himself on child support? There is also a question of paternity. I have urged him to get a test done to be sure since he pays her in cash and he isn't 100% sure the youngest child (6months old) is his. We were broken up during the time he fathered the baby and from what they both said it was only a few occurrences. But he has already signed the birth certificate.

Thank You
Jennifer Love

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Jennifer Love,

No he can open a child support case. Have you called Child Support and requested a new case be opened?


Don't set up a child support case
by: Anonymous

Keep in mind...Child Support and Visitation are 2 seperate issues. One has nothing to do with the other. He just needs to file for custody if he wants them. To establish his own child support will not establish a visitation schedule. I advise against him doing this and not dig his hole any deeper than need be.

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