Stepfathers Child Support Issue

I am the stepfather of two children which have resided with me for more than 3 years. The mother of the children has now decided she is leaving. I realize I have no rights at all but have a huge question.

The marriage is breaking up because she has decided she is tired of hearing me bother her about getting into court to take care of support issues. The father of the children does not and has not paid child support for more than 5 years. He also does not comply with the court order to provide medical insurance and split the co pays on the out of pocket expenses.

My issue is that I have paid every dime of support for the children for the entire three year period of time including a bill for prescriptions for one of them which runs more than $1100.00 a month. I think when it all said and done the support I have provided the two of them amounts to well over $45,000.00. Since the mother of the children will not take him to court and even if she decided to now. I will never see a dime of the money that has been put out to support them over the three years.

I live in South Carolina. Do I have any recourse.

Also, does South Carolina have a third party reporting system available so that I could report the Father myself?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

You will need to contact the South Carolina child support office regarding your questions. You are legally not owed any money. So there was never a case opened by the mother for support? Why?


by: Steve


Thank you for your response. It is very much appreciated. I realize I have very little recourse but maybe other people can learn from my situation.

As I mentioned I have been the "stepfather" for more than 3 years and have completely and totally supported my wife's 2 children. There is a court order in place for support, medical insurance and a portion of the medical bills not covered. In real terms this means I have supported the 2 children for this entire as my wife was not working.

My wife (the two childrens mother) has chosen not to take the father back to court to collect past due child support, medical insurance and medical costs. In the end, I have paid out more than $25,000.00 in medical bills alone for one of the children which has an ongoing medical condition that must be treated with prescriptions.

You asked why she has not gone back to court to enforce the standing court orders. I really cannot answer this question. I suppose the real reason is I have been willing to completely support the children this entire time and she didn't want to cause the father any trouble. If I could figure out the real reason it would be a huge relief but will never find out this information for sure.

There should be some recourse for someone in my situation but I do realize now that there really is no way to do anything about it.

Thanks again for your response.


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