Step Parents And Spouses

(Canton, Ohio)

My Ex and I were never married, he married a few years ago and when his support order came up for review even tho the judge knew his wife was working and he shared a rental property with his mother they were not included in his income, he and his wife share a son that is just over a year younger than our daughter. Recently I have gotten married and was told that my husbands income would affect the support order. Why would my husbands but not his wife's?

Also what about the rental property? How do i get proof of that? And a few months ago he picked up a part time second job shouldn't this be claimed as well? I don't get any government support for daycare only medical for ongoing issues shes had since birth as that's all we still qualify for. His wife and my husband both work and I know they make at least 500-1000 more a month i am providing 100% childcare and medical and hes supposed to provide medical and pay half of child care, what can i do i need help and i cant afford an attorney again.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thank you for sharing. You may want to consider requesting a child support modification. Then he is required to report ALL income. Especially if you know beyond doubt that he is making that much more money, and has a second job. There really is no legal way to prove anything pertaining to the rental property.

You can inform your caseworker. Day care expenses, medical can only be court ordered for him to pay. If you cannot afford an attorney have you tried Legal Aid? Another option may be to contact family courts and you can file the paperwork yourself. You will just have to pay the filing fee. You and your ex will be required to go to court and you can address these issues. We wish you well.


by: Anonymous

What about the spouse...can the spouse's income be included as income in Stark County?

What about live in fiancee's...can their income be included as income in Stark County? And if not, If the fiancee and the ex have a child together, can something be included to show the ex is getting "child support" from the fiancee even though their is no exchange through the CSEA.

by: Anonymous

You spouses or your exe's spouse cannot be used to calculate child support. You spouses are not legally obligated to provide any kind of support to the children.

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