Step parent and child support

by Gr8

My mate (soon-to-be LEGAL HUSBAND) is currently paying child support through the Summit County Child Support ordered system. In lieu of financial prepartions; I want to know if I (as he legal spouse), will be required to be legally or financially involved in the payment of his court ordered child support payments after the establishment of our legal marriage?


We plan to keep separate tax records and not file joint income tax. Other than potential 'joint income tax' filing issues; can my finances be affected or factored into his child support payments in any fashion?

We also have a child together (due in a couple of months). Can he file a motion to have his child support payments lowered; as he will now be caring for a child in the home?

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Step parent and child support
by: Anonymous

I believe it depends what state you live in, but they are not supposed to take from the spouses income. Only because your husband is held legally responsible not you. As for you haveing another child in a couple of months you can file a modification, but they will ask the other mother if she gives him credit for his other kids. Other than that more than likely it will not change. Its worth a shot though all cases are different and have different outcomes.

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