Step Daughter Arrested For Arrearages In Child Support

by Trisha
(Port Saint Lucie, Florida)

Being a step-parent, I lack the specifics of what has now turned into a NIGHTMARE!

My husband’s daughter called this morning in complete hysteria, mumbling and screaming, at the same time, that she had been arrested for making untimely child support payments. Her bond is set at $1,000.00.

More importantly my step-daughter was diagnosed with OCDC, Bipolarism along with ADD at different stages in her life beginning at age 13. She has been married twice resulting in two children, ages presently 9 & 13 yrs. Both ending in divorce, she lost custody, resulting in her paying support for both her children.

She loves both her children very much and was devastated when she lost custody during the divorce proceedings, although some might say understandably.

The issue that need be addressed is that if she was deemed incompetent to responsibly raise her children, how is she to be held responsible to hold a job long enough to afford continual support payments? Yes, she agreed to the support, but anyone familiar with her conditions will advise you, "The good intentions are ALWAYS met with devastating failures".

She is always trying to live up to another’s standards, which she, in the moment, believes she can, however, in reality, cannot.

I am a strong advocate in supporting ones child. My question remains what about my husband’s child, who is grown, has children of her own but is unable to monetarily support them?

I know what you are asking. Yes my husband had her in therapy and "home schooled" for years along with affording the many tests and medications necessary to help her achieve a better life until his insurance would no longer accept her as eligible.

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Question Before We Give Our Advice
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Trisha,

Quick question before we offer advice. Does your step daughter receive any kind of SSD or SSI?


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