Statute Of Limitations In Texas On Child Support

My son is 33 years old and mother is now suing for support. Is there any statue of limitations on this?

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Contact Texas Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

We thank you for contacting Child Support America. You can contact the Texas Attorney General's office in the Child Support Division department. They will be able to answer any question about limitations about child support that you may have. Have you considered contacting an attorney on this matter?


The address is: Office of the Attorney General
Texas Child Support Division
P.O. Box 12017
Austin, TX 78711-2017

by: Anonymous

there is a legal defense called Latches, you sit on your rights too long and you lose them, some states don't allow a Latches defense for back child support. as for myself, I just finishing a losing court battle with my ex-wife, my son is 34 years old. 20 years ago, I was a drunk and strung out on drugs and my ex said if i just stayed away she wouldn't push for support.

I agreed and didn't see my son again till he was 18, at time I quit drinking and doing drugs and went back to college received a degree and was hired by Intel. My ex-wife was more interested in hurting me than the well being of our son and did a first rate job of alienating him from me. For the past 15 years I have tried to heal our relationship and failed.

He had a son with his girlfriend who now lives in a different state, when i tried to establish a relationship with my grandson my ex petitioned the court for back child support after 20 years of not saying a word.

She was asking the court for $56,000. I got a Chicago lawyer who told me to make a payment plan, i went to another lawyer who told me about Latches, but he turned out to be a crook so i fired him and went with another lawyer. When I went to court in Chicago, I live in New Mexico, my ex didn't even show up and talk to her lawyer by phone.

I asked how come i have to fly half way across the country to be here and she only lives down the street and gets to use a phone? My lawyer pressured me into taking a deal that i really didn't want to take. A few hours later at the airport, i call her and told her i changed my mind, she said it was too late.

I ended up paying her $2000, $300 a month till $23,000 is recovered, I feel if i could have had my day in court and stated my case, I feel a judge may not have toss out the case, but i think i would have received a little fairer settlement

Child Support
by: Anonymous

I never have been able to get Texas nor Oklahoma do anything about my child support. My daughter is now 37 years old. I have tried the child support agencies to no avail. They have told me there was nothing I could do because he was self employed. I now have learned they could have filed a judgement for me and sent this to the IRS, then I would have received his income tax returns.

I feel like I have the right to sue both states for not assisting me in getting the child support. I think all of this is just a joke! Men can still get away with not paying child support. I don't care what you have done with your life, it is still your responsibility to help support your child. Why was it so easy for you to forget about the child and walk away?

12 Years later
by: Anonymous

After a court judgement in 2000 was signed proving with DNA testing I was not the father of the oldest girl and was advised to give up my rights and released of all financial obligations to my son due to mother putting me in jail on false accusations more than once.

12 YEARS LATER..........

I went on with my life, filed taxes, pay my bills etc. only to find out from a bank I was applying for a loan with that I had a $65,000 balance with Attorney General. Two days later I received a statement from Attorneys General (12 years later) that I owed $65,000!!!

A few days later I received an adjusted statement for $22,600!!!. I contacted them immediately. Sent five certified letters and copies of original orders, proving time I had full custody, final judegement proving paternity, etc. Ignored for months even by Ombudsman complaint form filed with their office. Finally said I can hire a lawyer and have an administrative phone conference. That was a waste of time and money. Lawyer took my money and did nothing to prepare for the conference. Nothing resolved except to be told:

"Because it's past the statute of limitations they can not adjust or pursue payment except by IRS tax refunds" LIES, LIARS!!!

Two months after phone conference - on GOOD FRIDAY, they froze my bank accounts - 1 checking and two savings. Made me agree to sign an agreement giving them over half of my money if I want the other half released and set up a payment plan for support I don't owe! Numbers don't lie and if one (just one) Attorney General representative would gather, read and review all the information I sent and look at the dates and payments made they show on their payment report - it would show I over paid and paid for a child that was not mine. I was not requesting payment back, just elimination of them coming after me.

No money for Easter travels, no money next week for gas, or to pay bills etc. Messed up on so many levels.. How do they sleep at night, God only knows.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Another example of people in office not doing and not wanting to do their jobs.

from AG website:
The 82nd Texas Legislature amended the Texas Family Code to allow courts to terminate the parent-child relationship and the duty to pay child support in circumstances of mistaken paternity. Men who meet the requirements of the law may seek court-ordered genetic testing. If testing excludes a man as the child's biological father, the court may terminate the parent-child relationship and the duty to pay future child support.

also "Attorney General employees will perform their duties in an efficient manner to minimize taxpayer expense and in a friendly fashion to maximize customer satisfaction.

They don't even follow their own rules. Enough ranting and raving. Thank you for letting me vent. I'm off to find another lawyer.

Child Support / Bio Dad
by: Anonymous

My husband raised his daughter(step) from the time she was 3 months old. When he and his last wife divorced he paid child support on the daughter along with his two boys. This has never been an issue for him since she is his life.

Now that the mother doesn't have any kids she can collect money or welfare on she is looking for the daughters bio-father for back child support. I was wondering if the state would make him pay after 29 years? And could we go to court with the dad and prove my husband raised her and paid child support on her? There is no reason this man's life should be turned upside down because the idiot mother is to lazy to get a job.

Another note: My friend had custody of his daughter after her mother passed away. He fought Texas for almost 7 years trying to prove the mother had passed.

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