State Of Illinois Child Support Issues

by D Roman

My ex girlfriend and I had a baby (so I thought), she left me when she was 2 years old, when we were going to court to settle child support, she told the Judge the child wasn't mine and it was noted, after 13 years I get a call from her mother that my this young girl needs help because her home situation is dangerous. I don't know what to believe is she my daughter? I don't have a problem taking a DNA test and if this young lady is my daughter I would hesitate to take care of her my concerns is will I be held accountable for arrears in child support if it turns out she is mine.


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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Team Member

You must take a DNA Test. Before you do anything you must find out if she is your child. You can purchase a kit at your local Walgreens. Another option is to call your local family court and talk to the clerk. You could potentially file the paperwork yourself (only paying court costs) And have a DNA test court ordered. Your ex will have to split the costs with you.


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