starting child support before the baby is born

by Gary
(Dunedin, FL, US)

My name is Gary, Im 20yrs old and im a great father figure. I work at the YMCA After School Program, Im a Child Care Specialist. I have recently found out that my girlfriend is 2 months pregnant and she has three other kids that are not mine but I take care of them too. She has all 3 of the kids dad on child support and she did not consider child support until she got very mad at them. I dont like how she treats her kids and I think my baby is going to be next. She dont understand that kids are blessings and not a free pass to surviving as in child support money, food stamps and ect.

She always laugh and talk about the back pay she is going to get from them. Also, including that they will go to jail if they dont pay. I really dont want to be in that situation...I need help to figure out what to do about her obsession with child support. I promise I will love and do any and everything for my baby to live a healthy and enjoyable life. I get her kids ready for school, fix they lunch, feed them breakfast, and address they every need and problems, pay bills, buy her kids clothes, buy them shoes, pay for they schooling, ect...Something she dont do and I dont think its fare that I am going to be getting used when I am not a bad person. I have a good background and I work. I need help and advice please.

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child support
by: Anonymous

You can always go in and file the child support case yourself. My suggestion is that if you all do fight take your daughter with you immediately and file for child support and for her mother to have visitations. She will probably end up using you if you don't do this.

Contact your state
by: Anonymous

Find out who the agency is that handles child support in your state and contact them ASAP. You will need to file certain paperwork in a timely manner, they can advise you. Good luck and good for you for being an upstanding guy - wish there were more guys like you out there! Congrats on becoming a father!

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