Stark County Child Support Processing Fees

by Tracy Tausch
(Massillon, oh stark)

My ex is paying the last $500 in child support. He owes and i was thinking i was receiving that money but the child support people are taking all of it for processing fees. My case started in 2001 -2010.. i checked back and see they were taking some processing fees over the years.

01- 6.33..02-91.08..
03- 54.00
05- 16.78
06- 40.97
07- 8.39
08- 41.95
09- 8.39
2010 141.16 & 8.39

I was wondering how much processing fees they take and how it is determined how much?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Tracy,

The Child Support Enforcement agency takes processing fees or poundage for basically being the "middle man" in collecting the support and then issuing it to you. You should contact your caseworker and have the fees explained to you and why the amounts were different. Have you ever spoken to anyone at Child Support before now concerning the fees?


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