SSI And Child Support In Tulsa Oklahoma

by Patrick
(Tulsa Oklahoma)

I have been paying my child support faithfully while gainfully employed. My son was diagnosed with seizures when he was 4 and now receives SSI payments of 600.00 a month. My son lived with his mother but now lives with 2 gay men who are not related to him to go to school in another school district. All of this was done without my knowledge. I was incarcerated for a year and my child support was just getting farther behind. Now I am working though.

My question is due to the fact she receives SSI for my son and another one of her sons, has employment, and gets child support from both fathers, and I have get no access to my son whatsoever not even on the phone, do I still have to keep paying or do I need to take her to court for some sort of fraud. I am paying her to have my son with some other men. So she is defrauding everyone, welfare, SSI, child support, he doesn't live with her so the money isn't going to taking care of him. I don't care if she is giving them money.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Patrick,

Yes you do have to still pay because you are ordered to do so. But YES you should take her back to court. You also should contact child support and report her for fraud. What she is doing is illegal. You can also contact the school district and inform them of all of this. Do you visit your son regularly?


SSI and Child Support in Tulsa
by: Patrick

I would see him regularly but everytime she has some reason why I cant see him. Out of town, at a friends house, something. I only get to see him when she feels like dropping him off.

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