Should I Request A Child Support Modification Hinesville Georgia

by L
(Hinesville, Ga)

My ex-wife and I divorced 2 years ago. I was living in Alabama at the time. After the divorce she has gone back and forth on our divorce decree when it comes to the pick up and drop off of our children. Because I am an Active Duty Soldier, I relocated to Ft. Stewart, Ga. During this time we have met at a halfway point for pick up and drop off of our children.

In our divorce decree she had the court put that the children would be picked up from her mother's house in AL, but the one time I did that there was no one there and she knew I was coming to pick them up. To add insult to injury it was Christmas Day, and we had to drive 10 hrs to NC. I finally got her to meet me when I called her from the Police station. Now I am deployed to Iraq and I am going to the US for R&R for 2 weeks.

She is again telling me that I need to pick them up from her mother's house in Alabama. All this started when she found out I was remarrying. But not long ago, she emailed me for a Special Power of Attorney to sell a vehicle that we owned together but was awarded to her in the divorce. During this time we discussed over the phone that she would meet me at a halfway point no matter where I was stationed as long as it was reasonable planning time involved.

I would like to know if the fact that she has met me halfway and not at her mother's home for pickups and drop-offs, will that information work in my favor when I take here back to court for a modification of our divorce decree. I would also like to know if my child support would be lowered since my future wife and I are taking guardianship of my granddaughter while my step daughter finishes college.

I also found that I have been overpaying in child support ($300 more than I suppose) for over the last 2 years. This was calculated by the court. Go figure!

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question. You should file for a modification. You will also need to go back to court and get the order changed for drop off and pick up locations. Your circumstances have changed so the order must be changed. Be sure to tell the judge how she does not comply with the order. She can be held in contempt of court of she doesn't. Have you filed a motion yet?


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