Should I Get A Child Support Attorney

by Frustrated Father
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I live in California and I have been divorced for for over a year and had a good job where i was making 100k a year including overtime up until august of 2009. I have two kids and when separated I agreed to pay my ex 2500 a month child support until I was hurt on the job as a police officer and medically retired in august 09. I receive 3883 a month state disability retirement here in California.

I agreed to pay 1000 a month child support out of my disability and I have medical insurance through my disability retirement for my 2 kids and her daughter which is my stepdaughter which costs me 30 dollars a month (she has never known her dad). I pay 125 a month for dental insurance for my kids and her daughter and I pay 21 a month for vision insurance for my children and her daughter. I spend 320 a month in gas to go see my kids and i spend about 25% of the time with them. i pay for all there school clothes and supplies and have saved every receipt as i knew this would happen.

I also pay for cell phones for my daughter and her daughter which is 120 per month. I just started work in February and I am self employed and make between 100-1500 per week depending on if i work 10 hours or 80 hours. sometimes i cant get out of bed because of my disability. im paying 700 dollars in back procedures per month not covered by my insurance. she is taking me to court for support review but only me and not her other daughters father who has never paid a penny. i feel like it is unfair because i supported and still support her daughter because i feel she is my own.

As for my ex wife, she has a job where she gets paid under the table so she can say she makes nothing but my kids tell me she makes 100 dollars a day, roughly 2000 a month but she gets paid cash. she has been living with her boyfriend so i know she doesn't pay rent. she just got an apartment but doesn't stay there so i think she got it just to say she has bills to get more money from me. California is such an expensive state and i pay so much in support, but i have to fill out this form and send it back from review and i don't want to get taken to the cleaners.

they want my w2 from last year which shows i made about 92000 but my life has drastically changed since then. is the court going to look at the picture or am i going to be taken to the cleaners and be forced to have to work 100 hours a week in severe pain to pay child support and live comfortably...I know its a lot of questions but i have no one else to turn to...thanks

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Frustrated Father,

Thanks for your question. YES you should get an attorney. Here is why. With the circumstances you have explained you need to go before a judge so an attorney can argue these points for you. If you just send in your w2's then Child Support will calculate a new amount accordingly. With all of the elements involved you will want an attorney to ensure your rights and to make sure you do not get taken advantage of. Also, check out our VIP membership program if you want assistance obtaining and attorney.

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